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Today Let's Talk Ingredients...

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Some may not know that as professional cosmetic and soap makers we are required to list ingredients from the highest percentage to lowest on our ingredient labels among various other requirements. Consider this when choosing your products. For example: a product with vitamin E listed as the last ingredient (following any preservatives needed to protect the product) would normally indicate a concentration of less than .1%. You can easily spot those just making a claim to having "the ingredient of the century" by finding it advertised on the front in large print, and then listed as one of the last few on the ingredients label-this is usually due to ingredient cost and to capture that specific market, but not always the case. Most lotions; for instance, contain a concentration of 60-80 percent water- so don't be surprised to see that toward the top since it is an emulsion of oils and waters, but do pay careful attention to the main oils listed following these water based ingredients. Look for high quality ingredients, not vegetable oil, soybean oil, etc as the primary oils. We take pride in our recipes, crafting products that perform well, have what is needed to do the job and achieve the desire result, and include absolutely no "fluff" ingredients or unnatural colorants. We also are proud to include lavender products harvested and processed from our farm in Randle which are hand picked, hand processed, and small batch made with personally crafted recipes, not prepared blends or add your own scent bases available commercially to resellers. We take pride in not only offering GCMS lab tested lavender oil we process and bottle in pure form, but also include it in all of the products we manufacture-not just a handful of products, meaning no synthesized lavender oils or low quality blends. We will be talking more about why we take pride in our products and how we are different over the next few weeks. In our next blog post we will be addressing the art of soap making which has been in our family for close to a decade, so stay tuned!


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