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Winter Farm Update

We have been busy planting new trees and cleaning up the grounds in preparation for spring. It seems like a good half of our time consists of moving something from one area to another, so that's what we have been doing-spring cleaning-in Winter. Currently it looks like we will be opening the farm for foot traffic Memorial Day Weekend 2022 as usual. A couple of highlights:

  • All of our products have been updated to include our new awesome looking labels. Click here to see more

  • We have a secret new product in the works, should be stepping up our game on the release just after the holidays...stay tuned-we think you are going to like it. Special deals and pre-releases are always going to be listed here. Become a free member to have exclusive access to deals.

  • The website has been streamlined for faster loading, improved checkout, and we are working to make the booking feature more user friendly so you can easily and accurately book weddings, events, and photography sessions

  • Plans are in the works for crop additions

  • The Lavender Celebration is coming together nicely with a well rounded group of new and returning vendors, the market and celebration is planned for July 8-10th 2022. Click here to register for free

  • Social media has been rough, the ever changing platform has been making our lives difficult but thank you for continuing to follow, like, or whatever they want to call it now for business sites. Please note that because of these difficulties and the constant changes that usually release right before one of our events, all of our official event registration will be done through our website but you may also see a secondary event listing on our social pages. You can find our social page here

As always, thanks for the continued support to help us keep the farm running smoothly and we hope you continue to enjoy the quality, handmade, not so small batch anymore products we put together for you and yours.

-CFLC Team


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