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Lavender Wreath

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Learn how to create a wreath that is not for Christmas, but the summer. Enjoy the lavender harvest all summer long with this creative wreath.

Step 1. Obtain 1-2 bunches of dried or fresh lavender, preferably an angustifolia.

Fresh harvested folgate lavender from Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company.
Freshly Harvested Folgate

Step 2. Purchase a wreath frame from your local hobby shop or create your own from vegetation found around your home and twine.

Wreath frame made of branches commonly found at craft supply stores.
Natural Wreath Frame

Step 3. Arrange in your hand three small bundles measuring 3-4 inches in length from each whole bunch of lavender you have. Trim the ends of the small bundles once bound.

Bunched lavender at Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company
Bunched Folgate Lavender

Step 4. Use a glue gun or wire to attach your smaller bunches around the wreath, overlapping in the same direction. Continue all the way around your wreath and fill in open areas as needed.

This natural wreath is now half covered with smaller bound lavender bunches.
Wreath half covered with Folgate bunches

Step 5. Attach Spanish moss around the edges or other vegetation found around your home as desired.

Lavender wreath completed with added dried moss on the rim.
Completed Lavender Wreath

Step 6. Use twine or ribbon to wrap around the top of your wreath, this will be used to hand the wreath. You can also hot glue a ribbon or other decorations onto the finished project!

Flattened spoon, imprinted with lavender and tied to a lavender wreath with moss and a natural wreath frame.
Lavender Wreath with Decoration


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