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Calming Lavender Rice

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Rice is a wonderful sensory play item for children of all ages. It's smooth texture allows it to flow freely between little fingers and through funnel toys. Adding loose lavender buds to your rice produces a natural calming effect. To add an extra level to your rice, you can dye it. If you choose to not use food coloring, simply add the loose lavender to the rice and disregard the rest of these instructions. Add measuring cups, funnels, and different age appropriate toys to help them learn while playing!


-16 oz Loose Lavender Buds

-8 Cups Uncooked Rice

-Food Coloring

-1 Tsp Vinegar

-(optional) 6-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Step 1.

Place your rice in a large mixing bowl

Step 2.

Add one teaspoon vinegar to the rice.

Step 3.

Add food dye to the rice.

Step 4.

Carefully mix the ingredients until all of the rice is covered.

Step 5.

Spread the rice out to dry.

Step 6.

Once completely dry, add your dried lavender buds & optional lavender essential oil (add 6-10 drops and mix well)

Use funnels, trays, cups, and other items to spread, fill, and transfer the rice. Other options once the play is over are to change the game! Try using craft glue to make designs on paper plates, cardboard or recycled items. Spread the left over rice on the design and leave to dry.

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Lavender Rice is a Great Craft Project


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