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Farm Stand Closed for the Season


It was a long, hot, and dry season for us but we managed to make it through harvest. Overall we thought we were going to be running behind two weeks based on the early plant growth then the sudden weather changes pushed us ahead a week over normal for a net gain-or surprise of harvest 3 weeks ahead of plans. We were able to successfully, and safely pull off a great festival providing more shopping options than ever before for the 3 day event. We look forward to the steady and continued growth of our annual event every second weekend of July and have a list of vendors already registering for 2022. Although the farm is closed down for the year, we will be at the Packwood Farmer's Market through close of the season and our online store is always open. Our goals for the fall and winter months include the annual website overhaul and further development of some new products we were working on up until we became busy getting the farm busy for the 2021 season. We will have some exciting new products for you, but are not quite ready for the big reveal....we anticipate having a larger selection of plants for everyone in 2022 and certainly enough to offer them for sale prior to our big event. Stay tuned for more updates and remember to check our events page and sign up to attend, it will allow you to be updated as we approach and the schedule fills up. Vendors are now steered exclusively to, if you are interested in becoming a vendor please check it out online all registrations will be online only this year and no paper registrations will be accepted. Thank you to all that have helped this year be successful and please remember we are here to help when this holiday season comes around.


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