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Decorative Jar

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Step 1. Locate the perfect jar and remove the lid and ring.

Gather used jars for this craft project.
Used Glass Jar

Step 2. Paint the lid and ring with your favorite color and set aside to dry.

Spray paint to match your decor or design idea.
Find a Lid, Ring, and Spray Paint

Step 3. Design your label insert, write the contents of your container on a decorative piece of paper, use a label printer, or a cutter to design a custom label.

Use trim found at hobby stores, paper lying around the craft room, and decorative marking pens or printer.
Gather Paper, Pen, and Trim

Step 4. Pick a trim design available from your local hobby shop or use ribbon material for a custom border. You can even use dried lavender buds or spikes glued around your label!

Typically found at your local hobby store, these decorative trim panels can accent your handwritten cards.
Decorative Trim

Step 5. Drill a hole for your cabinet or door handle through the lid, most commply 3/16" or 1/4" hole depending on the knob.

Find old door or cabinet harware at the thrift shop or off damaged furnature to use on the top of the lid.
Upcycle an Old Cabinet Knob

Step 6. Attach your knob to the lid and use a thread locking compound on the nut so it doesn't loosen or drop into your contents.

Attach the knob to the top of the decorative lid.
Affixed Knob

Step 7. Decorate your container with ribbon, sisal, or hemp rope-or anything else you desire!

Use decorative ropes, used garden twine, or other items to futher decorate your personalized jar.
Finish with Other Items


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