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April Showers - Bring May Showers


Seems to be the reality we have here in Washington, although we had a few nice consecutive days of sunshine the rain continues when least needed and we fight timing to get our tasks done at the farm. The last couple of weeks mark the beginning of hard maintenance operations at the farm including initial weeding, the beginning of mowing season, expansion of our target areas for cleaning and pruning, and overall winter cleanup of the lavender field. It is exciting to see our drab brown plants start to pop with fresh green growth, assuring us that we will have color in the field another year (it always becomes stressful staring at your nasty winter lavender plants.) We were fortunate to pick up a few more field props and furniture, and with the house removal done we are prepping the vendor area for our July Market. If you haven't picked up tickets yet, be sure to visit to get your free ticket to the event which also will get you BOGO on U-Cut lavender this year.

Over 40 vendors have signed up this year including special guests, be sure to check our event schedule. The event has grown to be quite the local shopping experience for the East County. A few other non lavender related improvements included further management of our forested property and pruning of fruit trees that exist already on the property (has been on the list for a few years.) Our opening day will be Friday May 28th and the farm stand will be opened up in the barn following the same guidelines as last year, please stop by and see us and check out some of the additions. We will continue to be open at the farm until Labor Day "weekend-ish". If you are interested in photography, be sure to sign up and book your times on our website as the calendar is starting to fill up fast. The days that are blacked out are either booked already, or during our harvest and event activities. Tips for any of you that planted new lavender plants last year???? DON'T WATER, we have gotten more than enough rain to sustain these drought tolerant plants. Seriously, don't worry about it until we get a couple of weeks without rain or July at the earliest. Under-watered and over-watered lavender can both present with a wilted appearance, do not kill them with kindness. Lavender likes a heavy soak followed by a chance for the root system to dry out a little.

-CFLCo Team


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