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2024 Winter Farm Update

Winter cleaning, finishing projects, field planning, and maintenance all seem to chip away at our schedules this winter. Field prep is well underway for our 2024 field addition of an new acre of lavender. We finished weed barrier work just prior to snow fall and will finish preps once the snow leaves us. Planting is scheduled for early May and we anticipate the first retail u-cut harvest of the new area can begin in 2026 once they are mature enough to take the beating. As we move through the back end management, website refreshment, and tax season, we will continue to plan projects for this spring sneaking outside for the short bursts of clear weather to tackle a few items at a time. Help support our activities by visiting our online store, we still ship items daily and it ends up going right into our projects and maintenance. Remember we can also help support your spring projects with some non-lavender products we offer on our website. We can supply you with professional nursery ground cover by the linear foot as well, check our online store for details. We will be working in the future to offer pre-cut sections for delivery however it is currently only available for pick up at the farm and our prices are very competitive. The 2024 lavender celebration planning is well into full swing, check our events page often for updates and do sign up for the free tickets, you don't need tickets to come-but a ticket will get you BOGO on a bunch of U-Cut. We are excited to have a lot of great returning vendors and some new ones, food-drink-shopping-lavender, you are not going to want to miss this cool event in the East County.


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