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Vendor Agreement

This is our agreement for vendor space tickets on our farm.

Vendor Agreement

Randle Lavender Celebration Vendor Online Contract:

1. Single booths are outdoors and 12X12 each, no power shall be provided unless otherwise

specified in the ticket. Other booth sizes are available, purchase the ticket appropriate to your


2. Small inverting type, low noise generators shall be approved only for vendors that have an

absolute need for power such as food service and/or audio/visual performers. Those meeting the

above requirements do not have to ask for approval for use. Cords shall be kept free of general

pedestrian traffic to minimize trip hazards. Generators shall be turned off by 10pm.

3. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own props, tables, chairs, and coverings. Vendors

are responsible for ALL setup and teardown of their own booths, Cowlitz Falls Lavender

representatives are not able to assist in the setup of vendor booths and we will be extremely busy

finalizing details and setting up the farm for the event. All coverings, tents, canopies, and

awnings shall be secured firmly to the ground per awning manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent

injury. We often experience mild easterly or westerly winds in the afternoons and we must all be

prepared for the safety of all participants. Extra tent stakes, ropes, and/or weights shall not be

provided by Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. and unsecured awnings shall not be permitted. If you

are unable to anchor your tent appropriately, you will be asked to leave, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Your will be provided instructions on where you can drive and where you cannot on arrival for

loading areas that have specific unseen hazards or may not have vehicle traffic at all, a map is

also available for download on our vendor page. If you willingly fail to follow our instructions to

avoid damage to underground utilities you will be asked to leave and no refund will be provided.

You will be billed accordingly for damage caused to our property.

4. We reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in a particular category of products.

Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company may choose to deny a vendor based on appropriateness of

products or due to over saturation of one type of product. Commercial resellers of products shall

be pre-approved before registration and no duplication shall be allowed e.g. scentsy, tupperware,

paparazi, etc.

5. Vendors shall not sell or provide drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, firearms or

associated parts and/or supplies, weapons, or ANY illegal item to anyone at the event or on the

property. Kitchen utensils and common household tools are not regulated by this policy. Contact

us for special consideration on decorative and hand crafted replicas or display items, e.g.

intricate battle axes, "fantasy" knives, swords, etc. Items not hand made by the vendor shall be


6. Those that appear to be intoxicated during business hours shall be asked to leave.

7. Only legally concealed firearms shall be allowed on our property.

8. Vendors keep ALL profits of their booths and sales.

9. Setup begins Friday at 7:00am but setup area must be clear of vehicles by 10:00am. The farm

is open to visitors from 10:00am to 6:00pm Friday & Saturday, and 10:00am to 4:00pm on

Sunday. Early setup is available on Thursday at 10:00am. Vendors arriving outside of these

hours MAY NOT SET UP BOOTH until staff is present. YOU WILL HAVE TO TEAR DOWN


10. Booth locations shall be on a first come first served basis, however, some areas may be

reserved by us for logistical purposes or services.

11. On site secured/covered storage of goods is not provided.

12. Vendor booth teardown and cleanup starts at 4pm Sunday, those that tear down early shall

not be invited to attend future events unless inclement weather presents and threatens damage to

your products or you leave in an ambulance. Early teardown hurts all of our business, please

stick it out until the end.

13. Vendors are encouraged to share information on the event via their social media pages or

event calendars and link our official event page to get the most out of our paid marketing


14. Vendors are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of their booth areas and removal of all

garbage and packaging waste personally generated during the event. We will remove waste

generated by customers who consumed products but not bulk, ingredient, or packaging waste

generated by vendors. If you wish for us to remove your trash, you will be asked to pay an

additional $10 fee and all garbage must be securely bagged with a limit of 3 bags per vendor. We

will not provide the bags. NO EXCEPTIONS

15. Vendors shall not move booth locations once they are set up (with exception of rule 9 issues)

however we are very flexible in the location set up prior with the exception of those not

attending all three days.

16. Tent or RV camping is allowed onsite in the designated areas with prior approval. RV's,

tents, & camper trailers are NOT ALLOWED in the vendor area during business hours. Dry

camping only; power, water, sewer hookup is not available and discharge of black or grey water

is not permitted for any reason. Use of on site portable restrooms and wash stations is mandatory

if you do not have a toilet. An RV dump site/campground is located within 2 miles of our farm if

needed after the event. Discharge of waste will result in fines for mitigation. Setting personal

toilets of any kind up inside vendor booths is NOT PERMITTED, vendors are allowed to use the

clean and sanitary facilities and wash stations provided or their RV if they prefer.

17. We may choose to share your company information on our event page for promotion of the

event and your products. If you have photos you would specifically like used, please email your

photographs to with your business name in the subject line

and any special notes in the body section. By sending us a photograph and agreeing to this

contract you authorize us to use the photos in our online marketing of this event, your products,

and/or services and you attest you are the sole owner of the photograph and permitted to

authorize such use by us. Please include any social tags you would like used.

18. These pages are for your records please keep for reference as the event approaches. We will

not engage with last minute questions the week of the event that are covered in this document, no

exceptions. If you do not recieve a response, read this document.

19. The fee shall not prorated for partial attendance and we reserve the right to decline refunds

for cancellations AT ANY TIME. Funds received are used well in advance for marketing the

event and reserving or securing services. Cancellations less than one month prior to the event

WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT be considered for a refund, last minute (less than one week)

cancellations may result in a perminent exclusion from future events.

20. Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company, Claibourn Investments, LLC., and the property owners are

not responsible for any damages, losses, or theft at the event. Each vendor shall be responsible

for obtaining insurance coverage and/or permitting appropriate or required for their booth(s),

products, services, and/or operations in Lewis County, WA. Each vendor representative agrees to

the aforementioned by signing this contract and to also hold Claibourn Investments, LLC. DBA

Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company, its members, private contractors, employees, property owners,

and volunteers or other persons involved harmless for any and all claims, injuries, damages,

losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with this event.

21. Let's have fun and see any of the staff if you have questions during the event.

22. · You acknowledge and agree to this contract by clicking yes and submitting payment for the


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