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Photography Policy

This is our policy for personal, professional, & portrait photographers

Photography Policy

Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company

Personal, Professional, & Portrait Photography Policies

Introduction/General Statement:

We are delighted that you are considering Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. as the location for your photos. Our General Photography Policies listed below are intended for all guests, but photography permission is required and must be purchased for those who wish to use Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. as a backdrop for posed or directed photography. Over the years, general issues necessitated instituting a formal policy. We ask all photographers to please help us to maintain the integrity of our lavender farm by honoring these policies. They are intended to ensure that our farm can fulfill its mission of providing our visitors and community an enjoyable and educational Agritourism experience. Creating a beautiful backdrop takes passion, contract labor, upkeep, fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance, taxes, and other associated costs and it is fair and just to seek minimal remuneration for these costly activities, especially when used commercially for professional and/or monetary gain. By willingly entering our private property you agree to our photography policy.

Definition of In the Moment Photography (Applies to General Visitors):

Photos are a wonderful way to remember your visit to our farm. For your own enjoyment, visitors (including Professional Photographers) are welcome to take in-the moment photographs of plants, individuals, and subjects that capture the events of your visit. These are informal photographs shot spontaneously and quickly without artistic intent. Guests should still observe our General Photography Policies listed below. You may share your photos of our lavender farm on social media including Facebook and Instagram. We would love to be tagged and it helps to promote our goals!

Any guests found to be abusing our policy of for suspected financial or professional gain shall be immediately invoiced for the services already rendered at the site minimum of one hour regardless of time actually used. Should you refuse to pay you will be asked to leave the property and may not return again until payment is made in full. Once you make payment in full, you may continue to use your remaining time.

Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. is private property and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone; furthermore, payment for services already rendered will be invoiced (DUE IMMEDIATELY) regardless of inattention to our posted policies online and in print. Invoice will accrue interest at a rate 10% APR starting the 30th day following the date of service. Photographers acquiring and later professionally displaying or selling photographs for monetary gain without permission or payment may be subject to legal action. Logos, printed photos, documents, and machinery may be subject to patent, trademark, and copyrights. In extreme cases, display and reproduction may result in additional legal actions.

Wedding Bookings:

Professional Photographers hired to photograph a wedding and/or reception held at Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. are not required to purchase photo permission. This is considered to be included in the price of the package. Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. does request a link to all digital files be provided of all wedding photography shot on our farm. Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. will always provide credit to the photographer for all images used in our advertising and social media.

Definition of Commercial Photography & Videography:

All commercial photography and videography must be approved and is subject to our hourly booking rates and available time blocks. Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. defines commercial photography as styled fashion shoots, advertisement and promotion by Commercial Photographers and Videographers. All commercial photo shoot information must be submitted in advance to Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. for approval. We reserve the right to further define Commercial Photography on a case-by-case basis. Artists seeking to make independent films must also contact us for approval in advance.

For commercial and independent video requests, please email us at .

Please note that drone photography is not permitted unless previously approved by Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. for a wedding or special event.

All Portrait & Commercial Photography:

All portrait and commercial photography are subject to our hourly booking rates and available time blocks.

Portrait mini-sessions:

Mini sessions are allowed, unlike some farms. These will be initially booked for specific blocked time intervals, however time can be extended on a prorated basis after hours if needed as approved by staff. Proration will be billed by 10ths of an hour using a time clock. For ease, all bookings are documented with a time clock in case proration is needed. Early termination of photo mini sessions will still be billed the full booking amount for time blocks scheduled.

During mini-sessions in particular we will have our farm stand by the parking area open, please explain to your clients that we would love to provide them information or answer questions about our operation either prior to or after their shoot and that we also have a staffed farm stand with our locally made products available for purchase. Farm sales help us offset the increased costs that arise with these high traffic events, i.e. restroom supplies and services in particular.

Artists and Nature Photographers:

When visiting on their own, artists and nature photographers need not book but they must adhere to the guidelines listed while avoiding damage to plants and disruption of other visitors or farm activities.

Artists or nature photographers seeking to bring a class for a field trip to Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co., or photo clubs seeking to visit are subject to booking times available and rates. Such groups may be asked to restrict their activities to certain locations on our farm depending on the time of year, hours of operation, previously scheduled farm events, and the size of the group. If you plan to show or sell your work, please provide location credit.

Walkup Sessions with No Reservation:

Walkup sessions are permitted if available; however, there will be 25% markup beyond our booked session costs for the intended service. Pre-booking is the best, most affordable, and preferred method of Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co.

Student Photographer Discounts:

Individual student (high school, college or university) photographers with valid IDs are subject to the same guidelines that apply to portrait and commercial photography. They must also schedule in advance, and the fee is $10 per session. Please include a photo of your current Student ID with your email request.

Cancellation Policy:

Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co. and its facilities are subject to weather variations and temporary closures. We will attempt to reschedule should a session need to be canceled, but there will be no refunds. Shooting dates may be adjusted in the event of inclement weather but are subject to staff and farm availability; any changes must be agreed upon by Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co.

Related/General Site Rules:

Clients must arrive camera-ready, as there are no dressing room facilities. Please do not use our public restrooms for wardrobe changes without prior permission from Cowlitz Falls Lavender Co.

Set up your shoot in a manner that does not impact visitors or disrupt events and maintenance if applicable.

Indemnity: By purchasing and/or booking this service you understand and agree to all terms. You further agree to hold Claibourn Investments, LLC DBA Cowlitz Falls Lavender Company, its employees, members, owners, contractors, vendors, and/or property owners harmless against any theft, loss, cost, or damage(s) of any kind (including outside attorneys’ fees) arising from or in connection to your use of our property or services.

Clients shall be briefed prior to arrival that the parking area is to the east (right) of the grey pole barn. Special access by vehicle for disabled persons is acceptable, but only after making contact with the staff in the parking area so we may explain the way to their destination to avoid all obstacles both above and below ground such as septic systems, gas, irrigation, and power.

In general, travel on any gravel area is permitted, any grass other than the parking area REQUIRES STAFF ASSISTANCE.

Blocking of, stacking, double parking, main road parking, or off gravel parking on or adjacent to the main entrance and access road IS NOT PERMITTED and all vehicles must park in the designated parking area.

Main photographer is approved only for gravel road access to place props, etc. but must return vehicle to the main parking area to “stage” for clients to follow parking in the correct area.

We look forward to working with you, and appreciate your attention to our policies. Adherence to the policies in place should allow your visit to be as easy as possible and avoid possible conflicts or avoidable property damage. Any specific questions on things not listed in this document should be emailed to prior to your visit.

For “day of” on-site assistance, please call or text (360) 334-7008 to immediately ring/text all staff cell phones.

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