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Order Fulfillment Upgrades

Justin Claibourn

Jan 21, 2024

2023 was full of new struggles as we worked to get our home construction finished up with the clock ticking on the 2023 Festival. Post festival we were able to start on cleaning up the mess and moving forward on organization, streamlining business operations, and introducing technology integrations to help our family business flow a little better easing a little less distress. We added a dedicated shipping station that allowed us to move away from a frantic grab stuff here, stuff there, weigh this, we don't have that order type processing to an awesome dedicated shipping station where we can simply grab a pick ticket, box our product, and grab a label and get it out the door with accurate inventory management. This has made things move from your online shopping cart to a box in as little as 2 minutes now vs our old methods when we were first starting -hoping we could get it out before our "2-3 day packaging" claims. Even more improved is our ability to box and ship for our wholesale bulk customers every day vs. our old system of shipment every Monday. More upgrades to come, but for now we are very happy to have gone from a raw chunk of land several years ago, to a place that now sends awesome lavender and value added products out our front door routinely to all corners of the US. Support our journey by checking out some of those awesome hand crafted products on our online store.

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