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Farm Rules

If you missed the check-in card with info, check here for general rules and info.

Farm Camping Rules
  • Split firewood available for purchase, loose dead wood found on ground  may be burned for free. One fire pit is central to the tent sites,  another fire pit is accessible by the RV site.

  • The honey bucket is central to and can be accessed by all campsites.

  • Pets are not allowed in the lavender field please, other areas are okay. We do have wildlife in the area as well.

  • Please take your trash with you.

  • The RV spot has access to a fire pit and a charcoal grill, the tent  sites have central access to one fire pit with integrated grill.

  • Quiet time 10pm please

  • Wildlife in area, no shooting, please do not disturb or harass

  • No campfires allowed when burn bans are in place, campfires permitted only in designated rings provided

  • Use of our charcoal grill and picnic tables are permitted, must clean up  after use, please do not move picnic tables or decorations

  • Our lavender is a commercial crop, pick with authorization and  payment beforehand only, any other self harvest activity will be  considered theft.

  • No faster than 10 MPH on property, heed cones if in place, please do  not drive over any irrigation hoses-they are expensive to replace

  • When in operation, our farm customers have the right of way, please be considerate of our business activities.

  • Farm activities may be in progress during your stay. Do be prepared  for potential maintenance or tourism activities occurring.

  • Unruly guests will be asked to leave the property with no returns or credits. Please have fun, but be respectful.

  • Feel free to visit, we have a farm store in the barn that is open Fri-Sun and we would be happy to show you the behind the scenes look on how we process our lavender. If you see us on the tractor, feel free to flag us down if you have questions.

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