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Farm FAQ

A few answers to "whats that thing" and "huh, that's weird"

Farm FAQ

There are a few things that are a constant or happen enough to be noteworthy.

  1. You may be witness to an airshow on a sunny calm day. We have a local grass field airport very close by, Swanson Field or "Randle Intl." With that, we have some very experenced stunt pilots that like to fly from time to time, you may see a few doing loops, barrel rolls, hammerheads, etc. sometimes practicing using smoke. Sit back and enjoy the show, it's free.

  2. There is a nearby mountain to jump off of if you are into jumping into the air with no a result, from time to time you may see hang gliders or parasailers circling around and they have once landed in our field.

  3. On the mountain range visible to your North, kind of where it looks like there is a monkey visible on the mountain (Kiona Peak) there is also a fire lookout. Sometimes in the right light you may see a reflection from the top, this is from the solar panels located on the top of it.

  4. You may see orange colored water trucks travelling back and forth on the roadway, these are loaded with fish that they take from the dam, then drive up to dump in the river.

  5. You might here one of us drive the gravel road real late at night, it's because of volunteer fire department response most likely.

  6. The deer will be out and close to you almost daily, we have several, they are basically overgrown mice. They are not very skittish, would avoid close contact unless you want to learn how to box.

  7. Cougar and Bear are in the area, you might see one. Sightings are limited to a couple times a year, make sure to store your food and waste properly, and preferably not where you sleep.

  8. We are in the woods, we do not have HOA's, we have forest land on sides. You may hear shooting, it's normal...people like to shoot and similar to lawnmowers firing up in the city when one starts, so goes the shooting. Please do not call 911 for sounds of gunfire in the woods, it's what people do, and it's OK....

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