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Information for the Prepared Camper

Emergency Contact Information

It's always good to plan for the worst before it happens, or at least know what resources are available. Here are a couple facts about our farm:

1. Site Address is 136 Falls Road Randle, WA 98377

2. Access to Fire/Law/EMS is 911

3. Property owner call or text is (360) 334-7008

4. Closest General Hospital is in Morton (27 min), head west on Hwy 12 from the farm for non life threatening emergencies. Morton General Hospital.

5. Fire and EMS is approximately 13-20 minutes response from time of dispatch to arrival, so call early if needed DONT WAIT

6. Many times the property is staffed by a responder with moderate on site initial fire control capabilities CALL 911 FIRST to activate the system, they will be subsiquently notified via radio

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