If you like the smell of lavender, you will love this spray. Made with natural lavender essential oil this pillow spray will last the whole night and has a strong yet soothing aroma. Made with 100% natural essential oils. Help promote a peaceful atmosphere for your sleep.

Lavender Pillow Spray

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  • Item# W8930508
    Qty 1, 4oz Bottle of Lavender Pillow Spray

    Item# W8860309

    Qty 1, 8oz bottle of lavender pillow spray

    INGREDIENTS:Distilled Water, Lavendin Essential Oil, Alcohol.

    Product Weight: 4oz
    Product Dimensions: 1-7/8" X 5"
    Container Color: Dark Purple
    Product: Clear/Opaque


    Product Weight: 8oz
    Product Dimensions: 2-3/8" X 6"
    Container Color: Dark Purple
    Product: Clear/Opaque


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